Hamilton CA Round Up 2018 – Statement Of Policy

Hamilton CA Round Up 2018 – Statement Of Policy

In keeping with both the 12 Traditions and the spirit of service work in COCAINE ANONYMOUS it appears appropriate for C.A. members involved in service to be careful in their dealings with outside vendors, businesses and/or services. Specifically, quite often what is service work to the CA member is business ( i.e. money) to the business being dealt with. Consequently, the business may provide, or at least attempt to provide, certain “perks” (i.e. benefits, gifts, etc.) to the C.A. member or members responsible for the decision(s) as to who to use
or but from for the particular C.A. event/activity. What is important here is that the Fellowship receives the benefit of impartial decisions based upon what is best for the Fellowship. Whenever a decision-maker is the recipient of “outside benefits” there is always the possibility that his/her judgment may be affected.

Moreover, even when the receipt of such benefits does not in fact influence the C.A. member, it nevertheless gives the appearance to others, both inside and outside the Fellowship. Such an appearance can only lead to unnecessary controversy and where such discounts as: travel expenses, free hotel rooms, etc. are standard benefits of doing business with the particular businesses involved, such benefits belong to the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous and as such must be treated accordingly (i.e. property of CA is managed and/or disbursed via the group conscience of the Convention Committee as a whole.)

Certainly none of us would ever knowingly “take” the property of C.A. much less ever want outside businesses to believe that a C.A. member in service could be so influenced. Such action could only lead to C.A. as a whole having a tarnished reputation with the business community.

In light of the above, it seems only appropriate that the members in service agree with and acknowledge the above mentioned Statement of Policy.